Check out some FAQs about our storage options.

At StorageBox2U, we are your source for high-quality storage solutions here in the San Antonio, Texas area. Read up on some of our FAQs below and then contact us if you need a storage container.

Are there storage container weight restrictions?

We cannot transport a storage container weighing more than 7,000 lbs. for safety reasons. Containers exceeding this weight limit can damage our equipment while also violating NDOT law. If your container exceeds 7,000 pounds, you will be responsible for removing enough of the contents to lower the weight.

How should I prepare my storage container for return?

We ask that you sweep out your container after you empty it. If you return a dirty container, we will charge a $35 cleaning fee.

Can I reschedule my delivery or pick-up?

If you need to change your container pick-up, delivery, or location, you must let us know 24 hours in advance. If you do not, we will charge a $50 rescheduling fee.

How can I prepare for storage container delivery?

Make sure you have enough space for us to deliver your container. You should also let your homeowner’s association or rental management company know about the delivery ahead of time.

We prefer to deliver on paved surfaces, and please allow for a clearance of 9 feet wide, 9 feet high, and up to 22 feet long for your storage container. If you need us to deliver on a sloped surface, please have wooden or concrete blocks ready to use.

We also recommend checking local laws and permit requirements for street placement if you plan to put the container on a public street. Additionally, check with your insurance company to ensure your policy will cover your possessions during storage and transport.

What should I expect on delivery or pick-up day?

To make sure we are prepared for your delivery, we use Zillow and Google Earth to get clear pictures of your neighborhood and property. If none are available, we will drive by your property instead.

Approximately 1 or 2 days before your scheduled date, we will call or text you to check for any last-minute adjustments. We will then provide you with a specific delivery time window for when we will bring your container.

On the day of your scheduled delivery, you will receive a call or text notifying you that we are on our way. Please have someone at your location to show us where to put the container. Please text us photos of where to put the containers if you will not be available.

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