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We offer flexible mobile storage for your needs.

At times, you may find that your home or business lacks sufficient space to house all your belongings or equipment, but that doesn’t mean you have to store them far away in an inconvenient location. Mobile storage allows you to keep your personal possessions, tools, or goods in an easy-to-access area right on your own property in San Antonio, Texas. We proudly offer flexible mobile storage at StorageBox2U, and you can count on us to provide the long-term rental solution you are looking for.

Mobile Storage in San Antonio, Texas

With mobile storage, there is no need to travel to a storage facility every time you need to retrieve something from your unit. We will deliver a spacious, durable, and 100% weatherproof storage box to your home or business and place it in an appropriate area where it will remain out of the way. Once it’s in place, all you need to do is fill it with your stuff. You can keep your mobile storage unit on your property for several months or even on a longer-term basis, depending on your needs. We’ll set you up with our automatic billing system to make things easier, and once you no longer need mobile storage, just remove your belongings, and leave it to us to pick up the unit.

If you need mobile storage for a moving situation, we would be happy to transport your unit from your current location to your next one, as long as your new location is still in our service area. You can count on us to haul it carefully so that everything stays intact during the move.

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