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Our mobile storage units are second to none.

If you ever find yourself exasperated because your home or business doesn’t have enough storage space, you don’t have to be frustrated permanently. At StorageBox2U, we may have just what you need: mobile storage units. Whereas many storage companies have storage facilities that customers must travel to access their units, we bring the storage unit directly to you at your San Antonio, Texas property.

Mobile Storage Units in San Antonio, Texas

Once we have delivered mobile storage units to customers, we leave them there, allowing the customers to fill their boxes with all their items and store them for an extended period of time. We find that people need mobile storage units for either several months or on a longer-term basis, so we use an automatic billing system to keep things simple for everyone. When customers no longer need the extra storage space because they have found another solution or a larger location to move into, we pick up the empty unit for them. Alternatively, we can transport a full storage unit to a new location if the customer is moving within our service area.

Our mobile storage units are second-to-none. At 20 feet long, they offer tons of space for your belongings. They are clean, highly durable, and 100% weatherproof, so you can have peace of mind that your items are protected throughout every season. You can also place them directly on the ground or on your paved driveway.

If you are interested in our mobile storage units, contact us today to inquire further or book your rental.

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