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Our storage solutions are suited for many different needs.

Homes and businesses frequently run out of space to store belongings, furniture, materials, products, and other important items, which means they need effective storage solutions. At StorageBox2U, we offer convenient, flexible storage solutions in the form of portable storage units. Our portable storage units are 20x8x8 feet with weatherproof construction.

Storage Solutions in San Antonio, Texas

Our portable storage solutions are suitable for a variety of needs, both residential and commercial.

  • Contractor Storage – If you are a contractor, you frequently have projects that may require you to store equipment and building materials in a safe but accessible place. Portable storage units allow you to access what you need on your project site without creating hazardous clutter.
  • Office Storage – If your office isn’t large enough to accommodate equipment and other items (especially if your business is growing rapidly), portable storage can help to keep it all safe for an extended period of time.
  • Home Staging Storage – If you are selling your home and have not yet moved out, you will need somewhere to put your personal possessions to make room for home staging. Staging is important for attracting potential buyers, so give your home its best chance by getting your belongings out of the way.
  • Moving Storage – Moving dates don’t always line up perfectly. If you need to move out of your home by a certain date but your new residence won’t be ready by then, our storage solutions can keep your stuff safe in the meantime at a much cheaper price compared to a moving truck rental. When you are ready, we can move the unit from your old location to your new location. You can keep the box for however long you like at both locations or have us bring it back to our location for storage.

No matter the reason you need storage solutions in San Antonio, Texas, you can rely on us to provide them. Contact us today.

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